The man who stole a plane said he didn’t need much help: ‘I’ve played some video games’

(CNN)Before he crashed and died, the airline employee who authorities acknowledged stole and flew a passenger airplane in the Seattle set up Friday had a wide-ranging discussion with air traffic withhold watch over — at one level expressing confidence in his flying capacity because “I’ve played some video video games.”

In audio recordings posted on


, the man could possibly also fair even be heard each and each resisting and attempting to search out lend a hand as a controller and others tried to handbook the in any other case unoccupied Horizon Air airplane to a landing.

The Pierce County Sheriff’s Department described the man as suicidal but did no longer elaborate. At times he became apologetic, expressed his wish to fly toward the within sight Olympic Mountains, panicked about lightheadedness and expressed shock at his gasoline degree’s instant decrease.

Right here are portions of Friday evening’s recordings in the say they came about. The conversations took set up before the Seventy six-seat, twin-engine turboprop airplane crashed on Ketron Island, about 25 miles southwest of the set up he took off at Seattle-Tacoma World Airport, furthermore frequently known as Sea-Tac:

    ‘I originate no longer possess any belief what all which formulation’

    Early in the flight, a controller curiously is giving instructions to the man flying the airplane.

    Man flying airplane: “Yeah, that is all mumbo ju… — I originate no longer possess any belief what all which formulation. I would no longer know how you potentially can punch it in. I’m off autopilot.”

    Keeping far flung from other airplane

    Airline employee steals airplane from Seattle airport, crashes and dies

    The person wonders aloud whether or no longer a controller is attempting to order the airplane toward “jets.”

    Controller: “No, I’m no longer taking you to any jets. I’m in actuality holding you far flung from airplane that are attempting to land at Sea-Tac.”

    Man: “Oh, OK, yeah, yeah, I originate no longer are looking out for to are looking out for to screw with that. I’m jubilant it is advisable to always no longer … screwing up all people else’s day on memoir of me.”

    How worthy gasoline?

    The person starts commenting on gasoline.

    Man: “I’m all the strategy down to 2,one hundred. I started at love 30-one thing.”

    Controller: “You acknowledged you had 2,one hundred kilos of gasoline left?”

    Man: “Yeah, I originate no longer know what the burn … burnout is love on takeoff, but yeah, it be burned rather a piece faster than I expected.”

    Alarm about Air Force rotten

    A pair of times, a controller tried to persuade the man to land on the Air Force’s within sight McChord Field.

    Man: “Oh man, these guys would tough me up if I tried landing there. I mediate I would mess one thing up there, too. I would no longer are looking out for to withhold out that. Oh, they’ve potentially obtained anti-airplane!”

    Controller: “No, they don’t possess any of that stuff. We’re correct attempting to search out a set up for you to land safely.”

    Man: “Yeah, no longer rather prepared to bring it down correct but. But holy smokes, I’ve obtained to forestall having a survey on the gasoline, because it be occurring fast.”

    ‘Potentially … penal complex time for existence, huh?’

    As a controller tries to relay instructions, the man wonders about penal complex time.

    Controller: Need to it is most likely you’ll possibly also, could possibly also you delivery a left-hand flip, and we will bewitch you all the strategy down to the southeast, please?

    Man: “This may possibly possibly maybe also possibly be love penal complex time for existence, huh? I mean, I would hope it is far, for a guy love me.”

    Controller: “Nicely … we’re no longer going to apprehension or mediate about that. But could possibly also you delivery a left-hand flip, please?

    ‘I originate no longer want that worthy lend a hand’

    A controller brings on the radio a pilot who will try to give relay instructions.

    Controller: “… It looks that a grounds crewman with Horizon, I bet. And uh, factual now he’s correct flying spherical, and proper he wants some lend a hand controlling his airplane.”

    Man: “Nah, I mean, I originate no longer want that worthy lend a hand. I’ve played some video video games before.”

    Feeling lightheaded

    Straight after that, the man implies he’s feeling lightheaded.

    Man: “I would favor to establish how you potentially can win this cabin altitude, love, I do know the set up the sphere is. I would favor to win some, uh, construct it pressurized or one thing, so I’m no longer so lightheaded.”

    Controller: “… What’s your altitude?”

    There just isn’t any instant resolution on the recording.

    About a minute later, in step with an curiously unrecorded inquire from a controller about autopilot, the man speaks but again.

    Man: “Yeah, I originate no longer know the rest in regards to the autopilot. I’m correct extra or much less hand-flying factual now.”

    ‘I originate no longer are looking out for to damage no person’

    The recording later picks up a snippet by which the man says he would no longer are looking out for to damage somebody.

    Man: “Damn it … other folks’s lives are at stake here.”

    Controller: “Now … don’t allege stuff love that.”

    Man: “No, I told you. I originate no longer are looking out for to damage no person. I correct prefer you to divulge sweet nothings in my ear.”

    Attempts to win him to land

    As mentioned, controllers brought a pilot into the dialog to lend a hand the man. The pilot looks to be attempting to coach him how you potentially can expend autopilot.

    Later, the controller but again tries to persuade him to land at McChord.

    Controller: “Need to you wanted to land, potentially potentially the most productive bet is that runway correct forward and to your left. All but again, that is McChord Field. Need to you wanted to bewitch a survey at, which will likely be potentially the most productive formulation to pickle up and look whenever you occur to possibly can land there. Or correct love the pilot suggests, one other option would be over Puget Sound into the water.”

    Man: “Dang. You talked to McChord but? ‘Trigger I originate no longer mediate I could possibly even be ok with you telling me I could possibly also land love that, ‘trigger I could possibly also mess some stuff up.”

    Controller: “… I already talked to them. True love me, what we’re looking out for to switch looking out is you no longer win damage or any one else win damage. So love I acknowledged, whenever you occur to amass to possess to bewitch a survey at to land, that is maybe potentially the most productive set up to switch.”

    A ‘broken guy’ with ‘a few screws unfastened’

    At one level, he apologizes and says he’s a “broken guy” with “a few screws unfastened.”

    Man: “I’ve obtained plenty of these that care about me, and it be going to disappoint them to hear that I did this. I would favor to snort regret to every and each body of them. True a broken guy, obtained a few screws unfastened, I bet. By no formulation genuinely knew it till now.”

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